Monday, June 3, 2013

Blog Of The Day

One of the things I have loved most about creating this blog has been discovering other people's adoption blogs. It's amazing to me to see the journeys that other families are taking to bring home a child or children to be a part of their forever, new and improved families. I love reading their stories and becoming involved with the ups and downs that come with adoption.

The other thing I love about having a blog is getting to promote those other blogs. That's why I've decided to sporadically have a "Blog of the Day" post to focus on other people's blogs and their incredible stories.

So, for my very first recommendation, I have chosen (drum roll please):

The Gardners are a wonderful family with four beautiful children who hosted a 6 year old boy from Latvia who has special medical needs and felt that God has led them to adopt him. I encourage you to check out their blog and watch their video, which moved me deeply by how much it represents how God really does love and care for the orphan and how He uses us to reach them.

Since the Gardners are in the process of raising the money to fund this adoption and have around $11,000 of the $34,000 that they need. Please pray about whether or not God has called you to help them bring their warrior home. For those who can't offer financial support, then be sure and give them your prayers and encouragement. Having gone through the adoption process, I know how much all of these things really do matter.

Here is a link to Matt & Kristie's blog:

It's also on our our favorite blogs list, so check it out!

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