Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cava & The Ocean

On the first morning we were at Myrtle Beach, we got up and took Cava for his first time to experience an ocean. Everyone was excited to see how he'd react, especially since Cava gets enthusiastic over seeing lakes and rivers. As we walked from the car and trudged along carrying our beach chairs, coolers, umbrella, boogie boards, sand buckets, towels, and other necessities (I truly believe it took less equipment to storm the beach at Normandy on D-Day than it did our few hours at the beach), Cava heard the sounds of the surf and exclaimed, "WOW!"

As we made our way up the path amidst all the sea grass, all of us were waiting until that moment that instead of the dunes, Cava saw the ocean for the very first time. And then it happened and Cava's eyes got as big as most children's get on Christmas morning. "Whoa, that's really big," he declared and he was raring to go, which is why we put on sunscreen before we go there.

Just like he was with his first time at a pool, Cava showed no fear and got right in.

Even more than playing in the ocean, Cava absolutely loved riding the waves on a boogie board. The boogie board was almost as big as he is.

He was a natural and we nicknamed him Cava "Boogie Board" Blackwell. 

Benjamin also got in on the action.

But when they both got tired of playing in the water, the boys grabbed their buckets and shovels and began to work on building sandcastles.

Cava was glad when we informed him that he only had to wear his life vest in the water and not on the beach itself. Soon their cousin Bethany joined in the building. First with Cava . . . 

And then with Benjamin . . .

Benjamin returned to the ocean with his Aunt Kristen, Uncle Amir, and his cousins.

When he'd finished making his sand castles, Cava joined his Granddad Bob in feeding the seagulls. I would have enjoyed that more had they not decided to do it right where we had set all our beach chairs.

Even when they weren't feeding the seagulls, Cava loved spending time with his Granddad Bob.

We left sometime after 2 pm and, despite the fact that most of the time we were there it had been overcast and we generously applied sunscreen to ourselves, three out of four of us got sunburns. Wouldn't you know our little Ukrainian didn't. 

Does that smile tell you how much fun he had?

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