Friday, June 21, 2013

Gold Mining!

One thing I'm always trying to find is things for the boys to do that is both fun and inexpensive this summer. So I went online to research places in our area that meet that criteria and discovered one that I had not been to since elementary school: Reeds Gold Mine. It's one of the North Carolina Historic Sites since it was here that gold was first documented gold find in the United States.

On our way to the actual mine, Cava caught a lizard and, naturally, wanted to bring it home as a pet.

Here we are (Megan, Benjamin, and Cava) before we went down in the mine:

Inside it was much cooler than the 83 degrees it was outside.

This was at the drill and vein 5. Miners used hammer and chisels or star-bit drills to drill blasting holes 10 - 12" deep. The holes were then filled with black powder for blasting, which was done at the end of the day in order that the dust and debris could settle over night.

Back outside the mine, the kids posed beside Morgan's Shaft where the headframe and kibble are suspended over the shaft to the mine below. 

Down the path, we headed to the Stamp Mill. They were excited that there was a man here to operate the machinery and explain what all of it was used for.

But then it was time for some serious business: panning for gold! 

While no one found any gold in their pan, they all enjoyed the experience. And Cava brought home a handful of rocks for his new collection.

This was followed by a picnic by a stream.

On the way home, we had to stop by one of our favorite sculptures: Metalmorphosis! How could we not stop to see a giant metallic head that spins and spurts out water into a fountain?

The kids all liked running around him with their hands in the water.

And, of course, no outing is complete without someone getting soaking wet!

But who cares? We all had a blast!

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  1. All of the kid look SO happy! It is so nice to see Cava's smile growing bigger and bigger each that water felt good when it was so hot out!