Friday, June 28, 2013


In the 80's the band The Go Go's sang, "Vacation all I ever wanted. Vacation had to get away." That last line was all too true for our family, so we were thrilled to be spending a week in Myrtle Beach away from home. We had planned this so that our family left the same time as my sister's, so that we could have our first family vacation with all of my family (since we would be staying with my Dad at his beach house). Everyone wanted to be there to see Cava's first time ever not only seeing but going into the ocean.

We left on Sunday and drove 4 hours. The boys got along due to the threat that if either argued, fussed, or fought they would not get to swim in either the pool or the ocean when we got there. It's amazing how well a threat like that works - hey, whatever works!

Since we arrived before my sister's family, we took the boys to the pool first (as it's only a short walk from my Dad's house). As anyone can see from the photo above, Cava was prepared, although he looked more like he was preparing to go scuba diving than to swim in a pool. The photo also shows how overcast it was the day we arrived and Cava kept telling the dark clouds, "Dosvedanya rain clouds! Dosvedanya!"

Once in the pool, however, he forgot all about the clouds and just focused on the fun at hand.

When my sister's family arrived later that day, we cooked out and enjoyed hamburgers, hot dogs, and each other's company.

As part of my vacation, I also did something I had not done since I started this blog - did not write a single blog entry. I promised my family and myself that I would take time to simply enjoy our time together without documenting it on a daily basis. I did, however, continue to take lots and lots of pictures (much to my family's chagrin).

Now that we're back, I'll write my accounts of our first vacation as a new and improved family and all that such a trip entailed. So, more to come!

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