Thursday, June 13, 2013

Water Fun

Last time we went to our local park, I let the kids (Benjamin, Cava and two of their friends) play in the water in their clothes. They all got soaked but had a great time.

This time I was prepared. Cava went in a swimsuit and I brought a towel to dry him off and to keep my car seats from getting soaked. Unlike the pool, Cava didn't just rush into the water but edged into it backwards.

But once he did . . . 

And, of course, Cava found a way to climb on something.

At one point, he was even doing flips on those bars. Wish I'd gotten that on film. 

It's funny but whenever we take him places now, his immediate question afterwards is, "Where are we going next?"


  1. Re: "Where are we going next?" - Elena does this to some extent, too. She's always asking what we're going to do tomorrow, or when we're going to do such-and-so, or confirming just what this afternoon's schedule is. I suppose that's a kid thing, but I wonder if it's (at least in part) an orphanage thing, too. Since our days are *not* all the same, like they ere in the orphanage, I think she feels more comfortable knowing what activiy is coming up next.

    1. I agree and think it is both. Like Elena, Cava feels more comfortable knowing our schedule and when we are doing something. He will continually come to one of us and repeat, "We are going to (?) tomorrow?" We confirm this and he's fine, but he has to know. Cava's also big on order: first we will do this and then we will do something else.

  2. This kid seems to LOVE water!!!! He is a little fish :) So cute!!!