Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cava Skates!

Since it has rained all week, I decided to take the boys skating. This decision was sparked by Cava's interest in skating. Equality is a big thing with him and when he saw photos of Benjamin skating, he said, "I wanna' do that."

Apparently a lot of other people had the same idea. I think every summer program, daycare, and kids organization were there - in droves! In fact, the guy working the skates counter told me he hadn't seen it this busy all summer. Hooray! I'm not a big fan of crowds, especially when they're crowds of loud, chaotic children.

We met Benjamin's friend Shane there. Here is the one picture they somewhat obligingly posed for.

After getting our skates on, Cava got up and told me, in typical Cava fashion, "No Papa, I can do it myself."

So I let him try and, after struggling to stay on his feet, he quickly changed his mind and called out, "Papa, help!"

We slowly and carefully made our way out onto the main skating rink. Now I haven't been skating since Benjamin was younger, probably when he was around 5, so I was a bit rusty and I learned how much muscle it takes to not only keep myself up but a 45 pound little Ukrainian who was all over the place with his arms and legs. The first go round, we made it about half way around the rink. He held on tightly to my hand and, whenever he got shaky, he'd grab at my arms or shirt or whatever to keep himself upright.

But after that first half way point, he told me, "I don't wanna'. Let's go home."

Instead, I got us a table in the extremely crowded dining area. It happened to be all you can eat pizza and hot dogs with price of admission, so I asked him, "Pizza or hot dog?" 

"I'm not hungry," he replied. This boy who wasn't hungry, then proceeded to eat two slices of pizza . . .

And two hot dogs.

Nothing like oily pizza and cold hot dogs. Yum!

As we ate, we watched as Benjamin and Shane skated and played the game "Wipeout," which is where skaters drop to the floor whenever the music stops. It was boys against girls.

Then he wanted to play in the play area - as did every other kid under the age of 7.

When he came back out, he was getting in one of his grouchy moods and wanted only to go home. I informed him that this was not an option and why didn't he try skating in the "Beginners" area. He reluctantly agreed.

I must admit, over in this small area, Cava didn't quit as quickly as he did with the main skating rink.

I advised him to skate by counting, "1,2,3. 1,2,3. 1,2,3." When I did he exclaimed, "Like Masha e Medved!"  He remembered an episode where Mishka teaching Masha to ice skate.

With that, he was willing to go back out onto the main rink with me. When it became more difficult for him, Cava wanted to quit, so I leaned down and told him, "Your brother was the same way when he was first learning. It's not easy to skate the first time, but you'll get it." He nodded, "OK." And he made it all the way around the entire rink. Sometimes holding on to me and sometimes holding on to the wall.

When he proudly made it all the way around, he declared, "I'm done," and went and turned in his skates. He then turned his attention to the arcade. What amazed me was how many kids I didn't know would randomly come up to me and ask for money. Most asked me, "Can I have a dollar?"  

It was a mixed day as Cava was moody and kept telling me he wanted to go home, but, when we finally did go, he proceeded to ask me, "When can we go back? Tomorrow?" 

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  1. he may be enjoying every bit of the skating act.