Friday, July 5, 2013

Cava's First 4th of July

Yesterday, Cava celebrated his very first 4th of July as an American citizen.

We met our friends the Helms at the Red, White & Freedom Festival downtown. Little did I know that no sooner had we gotten there Benjamin had entered a watermelon eating contest.

Here he is eyeing the competition:

After each contestant was given their watermelon, the announcer called out, "On your mark. Get set. EAT!"  Benjamin was slow to start:

But once he did, the boy went to town on his watermelon!

To the rind!

To our surprise, he won. He now has bragging rights in our county. 

And even got interviewed by our local paper.

We then enjoyed the festivities and spending time with friends. They were even kind enough to buy Cava an inflatable Spiderman.

Some representatives of our military were there, so we all went over to thank them for their service. It's because of brave men and women like them that we get to enjoy the freedom of living in our country. 

Cava and Benjamin loved getting in the military vehicles. Cava was especially fond of blowing the very loud horn, which you can tell how loud it is by Private Meeks covering his ears.

After all the boys took turns behind the wheels of different military vehicles, Yulia got in on the fun.

We talked for awhile with Private Meeks about his military service.

Later in the day, Benjamin and I volunteered in the tent for Least of These Gaston. We helped sell lemonade,  t-shirts, raise donations and awareness for a great nonprofit organization that works to help kids in the Gaston County Foster Care system.

To find out more about this wonderful organization, you can go to the following link:

Then it was time to break out the sparklers:

It was the first time I'd seen Cava wary about something. He was not about to wave his sparkler about, but was content just to watch it.

Unlike his friend Tommy.

From there, we went to find ourselves a spot for the night's fireworks. While we waited, the boys amused themselves with a game of tag.

Like much of our summer so far, we got quite a bit of rain for our 4th and, while waiting for fireworks, we took shelter in the Helm's car. Though we got a downpour, it didn't dampen our fun or conversation. And once the rain abated, we went back out for the show. Mommy and Cava started liked this:

But by the time the fireworks were bursting overhead, they were like this:

Cava exclaimed a lot, "WOW! Really cool!" 

When I asked Cava how he liked the 4th of July, he beamed, "I love being American."


  1. I think being paper pregnant brings the same emotions as pregnancy. "I love being American." made my eyes wet!

  2. oh, your last sentence brought tears to my eyes. ))
    happy Independence Day!

  3. So beautiful!! Can't believe Benjamin won a watermelon eating contest!!!!!!