Monday, July 15, 2013

It's Coming!

Orphan Sunday will be upon us once again on November 3rd, 2013.

What can you do to become a part of this global event to help the plight of the fatherless?

A lot!

To find out how you can be involved, go the official website at:

There you can get the resources needed to build your own Orphan Sunday activities in your local church.

Become involved.

Jesus called us to defend the fatherless and to take care of the orphans. Are we as Christians willing to heed His call or turn away from Him? "Whatever you've done unto the least of these . . ."

There will also be a special broadcast on that Sunday from Ukriane where there is a great awakening in their churches to take care of the needs of orphans within their country. Having been there and met so many kids who desperately need a loving forever family, this news brings joy to my heart.

But what about the kids in other countries?

What about kids here in the United States?

What are our churches stepping up and doing for this cause?

Pray about what you can do to plead the case of the orphan.

Step up and bring this forward to your own pastor and elders. Make it happen in your congregation.

We, as Christians, should strive to make even having an Orphan Sunday unnecessary.

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