Monday, July 1, 2013

Mostly Indoor Adventures

Since three of us got sunburned after our first day at the beach, we chose not to go back on the second day but to do a different kind of exploring in a more touristy kind of way.

First we hit Boardwalk at the Beach. And like any tourist, we forced our children to take embarrassing photos as any good tourist would do. Here's a prime example of one: our Tiki Tiki boys.

Surprisingly, they willingly posed for photos in one of the shops. Here's Cava as Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc and Monsters University:

And Benjamin as Zurg:

They stopped on the bridge long enough to feed the carp below. Cava asked if we could get out Granddad Bob's fishing rods and catch them.

Then they both loved the fun house mirrors.

From there, we went to Bass Pro Shop. Once there, Cava looked at the large fish in their aquarium and asked if we could buy a fishing rod to catch them. When I asked him what he'd do if he caught one of those fish, he replied that he'd take it home and put it in his small aquarium since Shark died right before we left.

The boys each took their turn at playing "Hunger Games" with toy boys and arrows at the shooting gallery.

But both felt this was too tame and wanted to try their hands shooting BB Guns at target practice. 

They both had a blast shooting at the target, though I kept thinking about A Christmas Story and joked with Benjamin, "You'll shoot your eye out, kid." 

On the way out, Cava spotted some life-size cut-outs and yelled, "Levi likes them!" 

Levi's not the only one who does as both boys stayed up late watching Duck Dynasty and Cava kept pestering me with asking when that "Duck show" was going to be on again. 

We also went and saw Monsters University. Here's Cava with the cut-out that children can have their photos taken with. Like Mike Wazowski, you can barely see Cava in his student ID Card to MU.

And here he is during the movie. He sat on the edge of his seat for the entire film.

Although he loved the movie, he was very impatient before it started and got irritated with all the ads they showed beforehand. At one point, he even exclaimed very loudly, "Come on!"

Still, all in all, with the exception on one minor tantrum, we had a great second day.

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  1. It warms my heart to see you guys having such a nice vacation. You deserve that!

    I also applaud you for taking a break from your blog and taking care of YOU!!

    If you guys are ever out our way please let us know!!