Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away . . . We'll Have Fun Anyway

After 16 days straight of rain, not only do we get a little stir crazy but I know I wonder how Noah was able to do it, especially since he was cooped up with not only his family for all that time but two of every animal. I guarantee that it did not take long for each person to get on each other's nerves. So, to help break the monotony of being stuck inside, I've had to get creative with our activities.

One way they've had a blast was by my allowing our entire living room to become a maze of blankets and brought our small pup-tent inside.

Here is Benjamin and Megan putting up the tent:

And here is the final product, which became their own underground mine and a haunted house. 

Crafts! Crafts! Crafts! It's amazing how long they can stay at the table when you put out paints, popsicle sticks, straws, glue, paint, brushes, pipe cleaners, construction paper, colored pencils, and other crafty items.  And to see what they can make with them. 

Play games - lots and lots of games! Board games:

Video games (both on the Wii and the Playstation 2):

The kids made their own short movies.

For Cava, it's been puzzles, of course.

And working in his math workbooks:

He's also doing the summer reading program that our local library sponsors. He typically reads for at least 10-20 minutes every day.

And when we got too stir crazy being stuck in our house, we took a short drive to one of our favorite places: The Catawba Science Center.

All of the kids enjoyed their new exhibit "Imagine, Design, Play." All of them started with the sand table:

Then Cava moved on to the large K'Nex table.

He ended up building a helicopter:

It was interesting to me that he can build something if he has a picture to go by, but later, when we went to another area of the science center that had Legos, he got all excited until he saw that there weren't any photographs to show you what to build. When I told him that there weren't any pictures because they wanted you to build whatever you wanted using your imagination, he was disappointed and walked away. Kindling his imagination has been something we have been working on this summer.

While Cava was at the K'nex table, Benjamin and Megan tackled the ropes maze:

They enjoyed racing each other to see who could get from each numbered post first.

Once we were finished with that exhibit, we moved on to the butterfly area. You could either get sprayed with a nectar or put your finger in mashed fruit to attract them. Cava was thrilled whenever one would land on him and he would cry out, "This is so cool!"

Megan, however, tended to attract the most:

One even landed on her foot:

This was about the closest the butterflies got to me:

No matter how much nectar spray and mushed fruit I used, they still preferred the flowers - and Megan. 

Because of the rain, there were a lot of different kids groups there, so we tended to move to whatever room was the least populated at the time.

Here Benjamin and Megan did an experiment in static electricity:

Then another involving creating sparks using a plasma tube:

But easily, by far, the most popular exhibit was the aquarium where the kids can touch live sharks and stingrays. 

Despite all the rain, we've still managed to find ways to have a lot of fun together.

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