Saturday, July 13, 2013

Success! And Now On To The Next Challenge!

One of the things that Cava has really struggled with is pedaling a bicycle. As strong as his upper body is, his legs aren't. He has had a hard time pedaling a bike forward, especially up any kind of incline.

Since we live on a very busy street, we take him over to a nearby office parking lot to let him practice. The routine is typically: he tries for awhile, it gets difficult, he gets frustrated, says he's tired and quits.

Well, today he was finally able to ride his bike. We are so proud of him for not giving up. No sooner has he accomplished this goal when he informs me that he now wants me to take the training wheels off. Oh boy, the next challenge has begun!


  1. way to go, Cava!
    great to see your family enjoying the summer :)

  2. So great!! Haha about the next is certainly that way!!