Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Now I'm not even sure how many times we've been to Myrtle Beach, especially after Benjamin was born, so we are always looking for new places to go to when we're there. This time we picked Wonderworks at Broadway at the Beach for our third day there. It's easy to find as it's the large up-side down building.

Benjamin was especially excited as it was all science related. It did not take him long to find the Tesla Coil (something he's always wanted):

And I took a photo of him beside a picture of his scientific hero and creator of the Tesla Coil: Nikola Tesla. That is one happy boy!

Being Mr. Upper-body strength, Cava found something he could pull himself up on:

We then waited in line and rode the roller-coaster simulator. I rode with Cava, who danced to the music as our simulator did loops and cork-screws. When it was done, he gave me a high-five and told me, "I love that." The guy operating the simulator we were on had a thick accent so I asked him where he was from and, surprise, he was from Ukraine! He was delighted to meet Cava and they exchanged fist-bumps and high fives.

While we waited for Danelle and Benjamin to finish their ride, Cava went and made some bubbles in the Bubble Lab.

Later, Benjamin decided to recreate that scene from the Tom Hanks' movie Big by playing chop-sticks on this floor-sized piano.

Here's our Cava as an astronaut:

Then it was on to the ropes course on the top floor:

The boy is fearless!

Whether it was the inverted tunnel, flying a fighter jet in a simulator, maneuvering the controls of a NASA spacecraft, or braving the 74 mph winds of the hurricane shack, or lying on a bed of nails, the boys had a great time and it was well worth the time (although if we ever go back, we'll go in the off-season so it won't be so crowded and the lines soooo long). 


  1. What a great place! Those boys have been blessed with a wonderful summer experience so far it seems!

  2. You guys are super fun!! I'm so happy to see your boys so happy!!