Saturday, August 31, 2013

First Week of School

Cava got through his first week of school with no problems. For anyone who's followed our blog for some time knows, this is no small accomplishment for him. It was so nice getting to wait in a car line to pick him up from school because that meant I didn't get a phone call telling me to pick him up early because of behavioral problems. Waiting in a car line is not something I'll ever take for granted again.

But Cava is not the same child as he was last year. 

Here's an example of this, while waiting in the cafeteria line, another boy accidentally hit Cava in the back with his lunchbox. The boy apologized to Cava and Cava responded with, "That's all right. It was an accident." This is a huge step for a boy who would've gotten physically aggressive if that had happened last year. 

Cava likes his teacher and his class. He is excited every morning to be going to school and he's disappointed when he doesn't have homework.

I pray that this attitude continues all year. 

For now, I just focus on each day and I'm thankful for how far Cava has come.


  1. So wonderful to see what a loving family and some structure and stability can do.

    PS That was a big accomplishment for ANY child. As a former elementary school teacher I can tell you that an incident like that can typically start WWIII..........I'm impressed!