Saturday, August 24, 2013

Snapshots From Our Summer

Here are random snapshots from our summer that I'd thought I'd share:

1. Cava the acrobat

2. Backyard Tag

3.  Benjamin diving off the high dive

4. Cava as Benjamin

5. Cava showing off his newly completed summer reading chart before taking it to the library & then the librarian filling out his reading certificate. He loved seeing her write his name on it.

6. Going to see Megan play volleyball.

7. Cava at Ikea. He had to try out practically every bed in the place. He told us, "This place is awesome!"

8. Benjamin at Ikea. Of course, he found a computer. He also enjoyed spinning on the egg-shaped chair. 
Between he and Cava, it took us forever to get out of Ikea and I'm sure the folks that worked there were glad when we did!

9. The boys playing chess. Cava didn't understand that chess is a two player game. Here he is "helping" out his older brother.

10. Cava enjoying one of the cupcakes I'd just made.

11. Cava the park statue

12. A quite moment for Cava at Hands On

13. Megan & the elephant take center stage

14. Cava & Megan in the music room 

15. Hide n' Go Seek at the park

16. Love that Cava smile!

17. And what's summer without McDonald's?

I'm sad to see summer end since it's going to be like coming off a sugar rush. We really did have a blast,

Oh well, back to reality!

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  1. Love #16, Cava looks great!! So happy and sweet :)