Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Working for a toy company, I get a lot of displays in the Fall to promote the toys in store for the Christmas season. This year was no different, as I got around 40 boxes of displays. As I began to take the displays out to install them in designated stores, I left the empty boxes in our living room, knowing all too well how much the boys would love playing in and with them.

And I wasn't wrong.

Of course, Benjamin was the first to set to work creating things out of the boxes. His first structure was this arch:

He then went on to make a skeeball game and a complex system of tunnels. It never fails to amaze me how many hours of fun kids can have with empty boxes, especially when our entire living room is full of them.

He and Cava made a racetrack for Cava's Matchbox cars which they raced.

Benjamin and Megan had fun building forts that they took turns attacking by throwing a ball to see who could knock the other's down first.

Or created box mazes and would blind fold whoever had to navigate their way through it, while the other person continually moves the boxes and the shape of the maze.

They had a blast building and tearing down their creations. 

What I love about this is that this kind of play requires both physical and mental activity. Unlike TV, the computer, or video games, when they build with the boxes, my kids have to use their imaginations. I think it's vitally important that they do and that they are encouraged to think "outside the box," if you'll excuse the pun. I enjoy seeing what they create, even if it means they take over the entire living room (at least that room is being used for something. If we ever move, I won't have a living room - which is a misnomer since people barely even use such formal rooms anymore - I'll use that space for a playroom).

I also like this because it's just another way they can make childhood memories.

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