Friday, September 20, 2013

Car Lines

One thing having an adopted child has taught me is an appreciation for small things that probably would've either gone unnoticed or unappreciated before we adopted Cava. 

One of those under appreciated activities was waiting in a car line to pick a child up from school. Now I have been doing this for years with Benjamin and it tended to be tedious and sometimes a source of irritation (especially if the weather was hot or cold - and don't get me started on those people who cut in line), but now I am thrilled that I get to wait in the car line instead of getting a phone call from the school saying I need to come and get Cava immediately. Only those who have gone through what we've gone through this with a child who has had behavioral issues knows what I'm talking about.  

Each time I pull my car up to wait in the long, ever extending line, I think, "YES! He got through another day! This is so awesome!" And I tell him how proud I am of him each time he gets into my car and tells me he had a "great day" at school. This is no small feat and is a real answer to prayer.

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  1. No small feat indeed. Cava is a little warrior, no wonder.......look at his Dad!!

    How great to look at the "small things" that really aren't so small but are gifts from God.