Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cava's Faves

Every so often, I like to update on the latest likes that Cava has acquired. It's interesting to me to see what new things he enjoys and how varied that list can be. Here's his newest favorites:

1. As part of his love of puzzles and word searches, Cava has added the TV show "Wheel of Fortune" to his repertoire. He tries to solve the puzzles along with the contestants. Whenever someone wins, he tells them, "Awesome! Great job! Congratultions!" and genuinely means it.

2. Whenever Cava hears the phrase, "Blah, blah, blah," he bursts into laughter. I think this stems from my once asking him if that's what we sounded like to him when he first got here to the United States.

3. Tacos are now one of his favorite meals and he can usually eat two or three of them. He even likes Guacamole on his. 

4. Puss in Boots. And the photo above is his favorite scene. Even just seeing this photo made him laugh.

5. The card game Kings in the Corner. This was one of my favorites growing up because my sister and I could play it anywhere. When I taught it to my boys, I never expected that Cava would want to play it every night. 

6. Stitch from the film "Lilo and Stitch." I think he identifies with this little blue alien who's adopted by a Hawaiian family and struggles to behave.

7. Like many, many people, Cava loves this bizarre song by Ylvis, a band from Iceland. And for those who've never seen this video before, no the song is not meant as a joke. My favorite line is "Fish go blub," which sounds like the name of an alternative band. His favorite part is the animated fox at the end. A warning: this song will get stuck in your head.

8. He loves to read about Harry the Dirty Dog. I think part of this is due to Cava's love for animals, especially dogs.

9. One of his favorite series of books is I Spy. He can spend hours studying and scrutinizing the pictures to find the objects. 

10. The Carolina Panthers. While we often don't have a reason to cheer, it's fun to hear Cava cheering loudly for them when they do something right, "Great job! Awesome!" or when they mess up, "Great day! Really?!!? Really?!!? Come on!" 

11. Cheese. Especially when it's melted on crackers, which is his nightly snack. He also loves grilled cheese sandwiches.

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