Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fatherhood Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

So often in our pop culture, fathers are a thing of ridicule. There are very few shining examples of dads on television (Andy Griffith, Billy Cosby). Commercials are even worse, portraying fathers as buffoons. Why is there such a negative attitude in our portrayals of fathers?

Have father's dropped the ball? I think, in this modern age, part of the problem is that there are two many boys and not enough men. Fathers are too often being the buddies and not the dads. Or they are absent all together. And our society is paying greatly for this loss.

Fatherhood is not easy. I think a great father has to lead by example. As I've written, our kids learn more by our actions than our words. I strive to be a good Papa to both my sons. I want them to understand that whether I'm praising or punishing them, both are done out of love. It is my goal to have them grow up to be men of strong character, but to do that, I must model that. Sons need their fathers to model what it means to be a man, a husband, and a father to them. That's a tall order.

That's why I'm thankful for my Dad. He helped mold me into the Papa that I am today. As a kid, I didn't often see what he was doing and I more often than not, didn't thank him for his contributions. Like all kids, I took him for granted. It's only as I got older and had kids of my own that I realized just how truly hard being a dad can be. When I was younger, I often used to say, "I won't say that when I'm a Dad." Then I became one and found myself saying many of the things my Dad said to me. Sometimes I even hear his voice in my own when I say them.

Sons need their father's approval and their blessing. They want the man who they looked up to to tell them, "Good job." Hearing one's father do this builds a stronger relationship between a father and son. I am grateful for the times my Dad did this for me. But I also want to take this time to thank him for all that he's done and that went unnoticed and unappreciated.

I also want to wish him a very happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the man who helped shape me into the man, husband, and Papa I am today. I still strive to follow in your footsteps.

Love your son,


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