Friday, September 20, 2013

Huge Mile Stone For Our Blog

I'm absolutely amazed!

Our blog hit a big mile stone today - over 100,000 hits!

This is not something we take for granted but are grateful to everyone who has read and responded to our blog. When I started this just over a year ago, I assumed it would be read by family and friends, but never suspected that we would get the attention that we have.

It is truly astounding how many countries this blog has been read in. Some of them I'd never even heard of before.

What has meant the most is all of the kind words, the prayers, and the e-mails we have gotten from others. Some of you are now friends (even if it's only through the internet). I read your blogs and follow the journeys your families are taking. Our family prays for your families daily. This has become more than simply recounting what our family is going through, good and bad, but a way to connect to others out there who are going through the same.

It's amazing to me that so many of you have taken the time to read and respond. I am truly humbled by all of this and can only say that it is all God and not me. My main criteria when I write each blog entry is to not write something I wouldn't show to Cava when he's old enough to read it, to offer hope, to be open and honest, to show the daily struggles and joys associated with adoption of any kind, and to point, ultimately, to Christ. I honestly pray before I ever sit down to write.

Thank you again. I really am overwhelmed by the love and support you have offered our family over this last year.



  1. WOW what an amazing blessing...Congratulations!

  2. congrats! your blog is a blessing to those who read it. God bless you and your wonderful family!

  3. Wonderful!! You are educating so many on the joys and challenges of being an adoptive family. It is inspiring!