Friday, October 18, 2013

Cava & Papa Time

Cava had the day off from school today due to a teacher's workday, so he and I had some one-on-one time. First we took Benjamin to school and, boy was he none to thrilled that Cava was off and he wasn't. Cava loved being able to ride in the car with his pajamas on, which he sang about at the top of his lungs. Unlike myself, Cava is a morning person and as soon as he's up, he's on full blast.

After we'd dropped Benjamin off, Cava and I returned home. He worked on his puzzle a bit before getting dressed and we went to the grocery store. Cava loves going to the grocery store and he's fascinated by any new food he's never seen before. Today it was pomegranates. "What's that?" he said and immediately picked it up. Then, like he does with most food or spices, he held it to his nose to see if this fruit had a smell. Then he commented on the pomegranate as he does with so many foods, "We didn't have that in Ukraine."

"Would you like to try one?" I asked.

"No thanks," he replied and was on to the next thing.

He also likes to try and sneak junk food into the cart just like his big brother used to attempt to do. Whenever I put something back, he begs, "But I love that! It's my favorite!" He has a lot of favorites. I promised him that instead of buying all of those items, we would fix ultimate bars later in the day. "What's that?" he asked. When I explained that it was a combination of brownies with chocolate chip cookies, he was down for that.

Later in the morning, Cava wanted to go to the library to get some new books and DVDs. He strides through the library and greets the librarians, who all love him and ask how he's doing. "Great," he replies to each and all. His big find was the newly acquired 5 Minute Marvel Stories, which is filled with short stories about Marvel superheroes, including his favorite, Spiderman. We walked out of the library with a tote bag stuffed with books and a few DVDs for him to read and watch until we go back next week. No sooner had we gotten back in the car, when he had that Marvel book out and was reading it aloud.

For lunch, we had grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Then we made the ultimate bars. Cava enjoyed running the beaters. Here's our finished product:

When I inquired if he wanted one, Cava made me proud by replying, "No, I wanna' wait 'til Benjamin gets home."

Before we left to pick his big brother up from school, we went to another of Cava's favorite places that we hadn't been to in awhile: the Schiele Museum. It was fairly crowded with kids from other schools, so Cava got anxious and would move quickly through rooms in the hopes of finding one not full of other children. He got frustrated with them and I'd hear him mutter, "Stupid kids." Not wanting him to get really upset, I calmed him down and began to make up games to divert his attention. "Who can find the greenest bug?" I'd ask or "Who will be first to spot a lizard?"

One of his favorite things to do is looking at the butterflies through the magnifying glass. He is fascinated by them and even checked out a book on butterflies from the library.

He would look closely at each one and declare each one, "Amazing" and "beautiful." 

"Aren't they?" I responded, "And to think God created so many different ones for us to enjoy."

"Yeah," he smiled. "God is so cool that way."

Cava gave me his best bear pose in front of the grizzly he's always called "Mishka" after the one in Masha and the Bear

He also posed for me in front of the Mastodon.

When we got to the Earth that is split so that one can see inside of it, Cava, like plenty of kids before him, stretched out until he could touch it and then tell me, "It's not hot." Then he asked me, "Where's Ukraine?"

Since it only shows North and South America, I told him in what direction Ukraine would be. 

As we walked away, he told me, "We never went anywhere like this in Ukraine. I bet Sergei and Zana would like to."

"I'll bet you're right." Then I asked, "What do you think would be their favorite part of the museum?"

He thought for a moment before replying, "All of it."

Then we went outside to walk on the nature trail. He likes to play Pooh Sticks with me on the bridge.

From there we walked down to the pond, but, since it's Fall, he was disappointed not to see all the turtles, frogs, and snakes that we normally see there. 

On the way to get Benjamin, I asked Cava if he'd had a good time with it being just the two of us. "Yeah," he said unconvincingly. 

"What's the matter?"

"I miss school," he answered and his voice was filled with sadness.

"Well, I'm sorry you miss school but, just think, when you go back on Monday, you can tell your teacher, and Trevor and your friends all about your day." I began to list of things we'd done and then I added, "And Trevor can tell you all about what he did." I paused and then asked him, "What do you think Trevor's favorite part of the museum would have been?" 

"The animals," Cava said, "just like me."

"I'll bet you're right," I told him. 

Love & The Outcome came on the radio with their song called "He Is With Us" and, despite never having heard it before, Cava caught onto the chorus and began to sing along:

He is with us
He is with us
He is with us
He is with us

And I loved hearing him sing. While the library and the Schiele were his favorite part of the day, spending time with just him and listening to him sing to God were mine.

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