Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cava's First Halloween

Despite being 8 years old, Cava is getting to experience many firsts that so many other kids his age take for granted. Last night, he was wired with excited anticipation over getting to celebrate his first Halloween. Putting him to bed was fun since he was practically bouncing off the walls (and he hasn't even had any candy yet - what's he going to be like after Trick or Treating?). 

At school today, his class had their Fall Party and I was slated to bring the cupcakes so Cava kept reminding me of this from the time he got up until the time I dropped him off at school. I told him, "Cava, I know. I got this." I had gotten Fall cupcakes earlier in the week to ensure that I would have them for today.

The party started at 1:30 pm, so I got there a little early. Since Benjamin went to elementary school here, I always get lots of questions about him and how he's doing. I love hearing how much the teachers and staff liked my son and think highly of him.

After signing in, I walked down the hall to Cava's class. They were busy making scarecrows using popsicle sticks.

After the kids had finished this Fall craft, snacks were passed out. Cupcakes, carrots, apples and pretzels. Guess which ones the kids started with? To my surprise, Cava started with his apple slices, though he did love dipping them in caramel. 

I got a small chair and sat next to him. As he ate, the other kids around him asked me lots of questions. 

"So your Cava's dad?" (I used to get asked, "So your Ben's dad?").

"Where's Cava's mom?"
"At work."

"You're from Texas?"
"No, Cava's Mom grew up in Texas."

"Where's Cava from?"
"Where's that?"
"It's near Russia."
"So he's Russian?"
"No, he's Ukrainian."
"Are you Ukrainian too?"
"No. I was born in Alabama."

The conversation was making me a little anxious because I know that what Cava wants most is to fit in and he gets irritated whenever someone suggests that he isn't the same, such as when, at the beginning of the school year, some kids asked him to speak Russian. "I don't know that," Cava told them, "I speak English."

Then one little girl, who sits at a desk near Cava, told the other kids, "Cava's adopted." They all nodded, though I could tell some of them didn't know what that word meant. Now I was very nervous about how he'd react, but, to my surprise and relief, Cava chimed in with, "That means they picked me." 

Hearing that, I couldn't help but smile. "Yes, we most definitely did."

Once snacks were done it was time for games and then treat bags. At the end of class, Cava was the only kid who was disappointed when the teacher told them that they didn't have any homework.

Of course, the Fall Party was only the opening act for the main event: Trick or Treating!

Our boys were going as two very famous crime fighters: Sherlock Holmes and Spiderman.

A super sleuth and a super hero.

Once they were outside, they were off and running.

Despite this being his first Halloween, Cava was quick to pick up on the whole trick or treat thing.

The boys were especially fond of the houses that were decorated the scariest. None of it seemed to phase Cava at all. He was too busy collecting candy and enjoying all of the people who greeted him with, "Hey, Spiderman!" 

They also enjoyed when we ran into some friends and they got to trick or treat with Dia and Emma.

As we moved from house to house, Cava kept telling us, "I love Halloween," "I wish Halloween was every day," and "Halloween is awesome." He also told people over and over again, "We don't have Halloween in Ukraine. It's better here."

When we finally got back home, Cava dumped all his candy on the floor to count his loot. This is one happy boy.

Happy Halloween to all our readers!

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