Saturday, October 12, 2013

It's The Great Pumpkin, Cava Blackwell!

Part of our Fall tradition is going to a local pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin for carving. This year, we had the joy of introducing Cava to our tradition. He was thrilled with the idea of picking out his very own pumpkin. So, after lunch, we drove up to Red Wolf Farm in Maiden.

After buying our tickets, we got on the hay ride to the farm itself. Going up to the farm, Cava didn't want to sit on the bales of hay because he said it made him "itchy." He was very excited and kept going on about how he was going to pick out his very own "first pumpkin ever!" I must admit, I love that we get to introduce him to so many new things because I love experiencing them with him because he is so enthusiastic.

First thing at the farm, both boys announce, "Let's go pick out our pumpkins!" We had to tell them that we would do that last so that we didn't have to carry the pumpkins with us when we did other activities at the farm, such as the inflatables.

Cava stopped to see how tall he was - almost 4 feet!

Benjamin preferred to pose by the old firetruck.

Then we went through a maze before heading down the hill. While Benjamin decided to try  his hand at pedal tractor racing:

Cava decided to play in the corn.

From there, we walked further down the hill to where the farm animals were. Cava kept talking about how this was just like in Charlotte's Web, which we read together. There were turkeys, chickens, ducks . . .

A calf . . . 

Benjamin enjoyed feeding a goat:

But Cava got excited by the pig, which he called "Wilbur." He even told it, "You're some pig."

After we'd left the farm animals and Danelle ensured that the boys had put a healthy dose of hand sanitizer on their hands, we made our way over to the blacksmiths. Benjamin and Cava enjoyed watched the blacksmith forging horseshoes.

Going back up the hill, the boys raced to the pumpkin patch in a mad dash to find the perfect pumpkin!

Once in the pumpkin patch, Cava was overwhelmed and exclaimed, "There are so many! I don't know which one to choose."

Just as the grass is always greener, for Cava the next pumpkin's always oranger. He would find one, pick it up, declare, "It's perfect" until he spotted another one . . . and another one . . . and another one . . .

Benjamin and Danelle also searched for their "perfect" pumpkin.

Once Benjamin had found his, he came up to help Cava search.

Finally, Cava found his pumpkin - the great pumpkin - as his was the biggest!

Then the boys obliged me by posing for a photo with their pumpkins.

On the ride back to our car, Cava decided this hay wasn't as itchy as the other, so he and Benjamin sat together: two happy brothers with their pumpkins.

Now we'll get to introduce Cava to the tradition of carving those pumpkins into Jack o' lanterns. That should be fun!


  1. How fun! We (strangers across country) began our foster/adoption (adoption!) training today. We also long to adopt internationally and very much appreciate your family accounts of the ups and downs of adoption and the impact it's had on you. Thanks for continuing to share your journey.

  2. Looks like so much fun!!! The kids did a great job :)