Friday, November 8, 2013

With New Eyes

When you look at the face of this little boy, what do you see?

Do you look at him and think, "If he were mine . . ."?

Can you imagine yourself hugging him tightly to you?
Calling him your son?
Taking care of him when he's crying because he skinned his knee?
Listening to his prayers and tucking him in at night?
Can you hear his laughter as you tickle him?
Can you hear him calling you "Mommy" or "Daddy"?
Can you hear yourself telling him, "I love you" and hearing him say that he loves you, too?

Do you see this little girl from India as your daughter?

Or this little Ukrainian boy as your son?

How do you see the orphan?

Do you see them as beautiful, precious and of value?

Is it possible to see yourself sitting in bed with them as you read them a story?

Can you see yourself kneeling with them as they give their hearts to Christ?  Or watching them be baptized?

Do you see them all dressed up for prom?

Can you picture them graduating from high school with you sitting in the stands, proudly and tearfully watching on with joy at their accomplishment?

How do you see these children?  Does it match with how God wants you to see them?  Are you a "defender of the fatherless" as you're called to be?

Do you see these children as someone else's problem? 

Do you see a child who is someone who's especially loved by God?  Scripture repeatedly tells us of God's love for the orphan and that He is "Father to the fatherless."  God loved them enough to send His only Son to this earth to die for them.  That same son time and time again reminded us, as his followers, to take care of the "least of these" and that by doing so, we were doing this to Him.  

Even if you're not called to adopt, you can advocate for those who are. 

Do you see Jesus when you look at their faces?  Mother Teresa once said, "Each one of them is Jesus in disguise."

I can't help but hear MercyMe's song "Beautiful" when I look at them, especially the lines:
You're beautiful
You're treasured
You are sacred
You are His

Since it's National Adoption Month, won't you pray and carefully consider adopting or fostering a child today?

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  1. This gave me serious chills. What this world would be like if we all could see each other through the loving compassionate eyes of Jesus....