Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Year Ago Today

It's hard to believe that a year ago today, we met our son for the very first time. The night before we rode the four hours from Kiev to the village where the boarding school was, Danelle and I stayed up all night talking about what was going to happen the next day and how it could truly change our family's lives.

The drive was one that was straight out of Doctor Zhivago (except we were riding in a van and not a sled). Miles and miles of nothing but white. Snow everywhere. I'd never seen so much snow in all of my life.

I remember how nervous we all were as we pulled into the gate of the boarding school.

The kids were between classes and the sounds of their voices could be heard just as one would hear in any school. They rushed about us. Some were more curious and stopped and stared at us.

Then we went upstairs to the lawyer's office. We were offered green tea to drink. As the lawyer talked to us through our translator, I remember feeling anxious, knowing how important this was and how much was at stake. We were there about thirty minutes when Cava came in. He was shy and very quiet (very un-Cava like). Whenever he was asked a question, he was so soft spoken we could barely hear him.

While the lawyer told us his story, Benjamin and Cava played on the floor with some toys we had brought for Cava (a toy truck and some Legos). Then Danelle and I played with him. Only an hour had passed when they asked if we wanted to adopt him.

Whoa! I was blind-sided by how quickly that question was asked.

I asked if we could go outside the office and discuss it as a family. They agreed and we went out into the hall.

The first words out of Benjamin's mouth were, "He's my brother."

Danelle said, "I can't leave him behind."

When our translator came out and asked, I replied, "Yes, we want to adopt him." With those words, our lives were truly and amazingly changed forever.

I cannot believe that it was only a year ago that we met our son for the first time. It was a Christmas miracle that God could take us and a little boy from Ukraine and make us into a family. All of this was part of His divine plan and He continues to use this as a way of revealing His love to not only Cava, but to all of us. He opened our hearts to love a small, boy who had a lot of baggage and had suffered loss such as we will never know. What a glorious picture of what Christmas should truly be about. Cava was and continues to be a gift that we cannot thank God enough for.


  1. praise the Lord for this incredible gift!
    both of your sons are quit amazing! great boys to great parents.
    it's hard to believe that a whole year passed already. time flies so fast! :)

  2. I can NOT believe its been a year..........I was blessed to be reading your blog "live" as these events unfolded...GOD BLESS your family and especially your little Christmas miracle 0:-)