Friday, December 20, 2013

Cava's First Christmas Party

Every day, Cava counts the number of Christmas presents under the tree. First how many he has, then how many total there are. It doesn't matter if there are any new presents under there or not. He has also changed the lyrics to "Gangam Style" and dances around singing, "It's Christmas Cava style. Hey, Santa Claus. Bring me presents." Also, on the way to school every morning, he tells me how many more days it is until Christmas Eve and how many more days it is until Christmas Day. Can you tell that this boy is excited about Christmas?

Today was his class at school's Christmas (or Holiday) party, so he was wired all morning beforehand, especially since the kids got to wear their pajamas. To my surprise, he picked some with polar bears (or Christmas bears as he called them) on them instead of his Spider-man ones.

When Benjamin and I picked Cava up from school, one would have thought him on a sugar high he was so excited and bursting to tell us all about his Christmas party. He made a Christmas tree out of an ice cream cone and green icing, which we didn't get to see because he ate it. The class also made their own gingerbread houses out of graham crackers, icing, and candy. Here is Cava in his Christmas crown at home with the gingerbread house he made (and thankfully didn't eat):

He was also very proud to show us the Christmas ornament his friend, Camyrn, made him: a snowman made out of bottle caps. It is now hung in a prominent place on our tree because Cava wanted anyone who came to our house to see it.

"I love Christmas," he smiled. This was followed by, "Are there any new presents under the tree?"

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  1. How sweet!! He looks happier and more filled out with every picture!!! :)