Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Taking Down The Tree

Today, as I got out the boxes to put away all of our Christmas decorations, Cava told me that he didn't want me to. "Why?" I asked.

"Because it makes me sad," he replied.

To tell the truth, it always makes me a bit melancholy to take down all of our Christmas things. For me, it means another Christmas has past and I think of all of those I love who are no longer with us. I can't help but think of my Mom because she loved Christmas and some of our ornaments are inherited from her. 

Unlike when I bring the boxes out to decorate, when I go to take everything down, it is typically a solo affair.  This time started out the same, but then, as I began to put away the ornaments from the tree, Cava came up to me and asked, "Papa, can I help you?"

My first thought was, No, it will be easier to do it myself. And my second thought was, No, he might break something, but I didn't go with either of these instincts but said, "Sure, I'll hand you ornaments to put in that tote, okay?"

"Sure," he smiled, happy to help.

As we began to put the ornaments away, he would ask me where we got certain ones or he'd tell me which ones he really liked.

At one point, I ask him, "Cava, what was your favorite thing about Christmas this year?"

"Lemme' think," he said and I waited for him to answer, "All my presents" or "Santa."  But he didn't say either of these things. Instead, he told me, "Having a family."

Needless to say, I got choked up. 

Now I have a new Christmas memory that I will always cherish, so I'm glad I didn't tell him, "No," when he asked to help me.

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