Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Snowy Day (Sort Of) For The Boys

There's nothing like finding out at noon that you have to pick your kids up from school at 12:30 because there is a chance of snow late that afternoon. What? That never, ever happened when I was a kid. I remember sitting in class, looking out the window at snow on the ground, but now they close school early because there is a chance of snow.  So, I rushed all slap-dash from work to pick the boys up.

When they were home, I joked about how they now got to enjoy playing in our backyard in the leaves that were still there and how they were going to get to build a leaf-man. Before he went outside, Cava put on his snow-pants (I guess because he doesn't have any leaf-pants).

They came in numerous times to ask, "When is is supposed to snow again?" and I would check the Weather Channel's website. I was happy when they came inside and found other ways to occupy their time. Well, that was until our resident mad scientist decided to make red gloop, which he put on his face to become a gloop monster and terrorize his younger brother around the house. One thing you can never say about the Blackwell house is that it is never dull!

Since Cava had homework, he and I sat down at the kitchen table to do it.  When it came time to do his daily reading, he went to the playroom and brought back  (Surprise!) a book entitled Snow by Roy McKie.

As Cava read it to me, he kept saying, "I'm going to do that." 

Here are some examples of what he was referring to:

Building a giant snowman . . .

Sledding, skiing, and building a snow fort . . .

I kept having to remind him that we would, most likely get very little snow (the weather man was only predicting that we'd get an inch of snow in our area) and that he probably wouldn't get to do any of those things. Disappointed and disgruntled, he complained, "I don't like little snow! I want big snow!"  Then he told me some of the things he loved to do in the snow when he was back in Ukraine. These are moments I absolutely love as I like getting these small pieces of the puzzle of his life so that I can try to assemble some idea of his past.

It was late afternoon when it finally began to snow. I saw the first tiny flakes coming down as I washed dishes. Of course, I called to tell the boys. As soon as they heard the word snow, both of the boys hurriedly put on their coats, hats, and shoes so they could be outside, trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues (one of the few things Cava could do from the book he'd read).

While they played outside, inside, I was drinking coffee, listening to Astrud Gilberto sing "Girl From Ipanema" and daydreaming about being on an island. I am not a cold weather person at all. Still, I was glad to see the boys not only having a good time in the snow, but, more importantly, a good time together.

For dinner, I made grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. No sooner had we finished, then our little Ukrainian wanted to go back outside.

And, the next morning, they were back out in the small dusting of snow we got.  Cava made a snow angel that looked more like a leaf angel.

He and Benjamin enjoyed sliding down the snowy slide and throwing handfuls of snow (It was too powdery to make snowballs) at each other. Cava tried to make a snowball by rolling his soccer ball in the snow, but to no effect.

But mostly, they just enjoyed each other and being out of school for the day.

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