Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cava At The Circus

Cava's year anniversary of being a part of our family here in the States was on the 19th of this month. We had a small family celebration. Cava picked what we ate for dinner (homemade mac and cheese) and what kind of cake he wanted (chocolate). We wanted to use that day to remind him that we loved him and that he was a part of our family.

When I had asked Cava how he wanted to celebrate his anniversary, his first reply was, "Disney!" (He would make an awesome Super Bowl ad for Disney. "Cava, you just got adopted from Ukraine. Where do you want to go?" "Disney World!") Financially, this is not an option for us since we are still paying off the debt of our adoption costs. So, his second choice was, "The circus!" This was doable, especially since opening night tickets were half off. 

Last night was the opening performance of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey's new Built To Amaze show. Before we went, Cava and I got online an looked at their website. Many of the performers were from his home country and had trained at the Kyiv Circus. This made him very happy to hear and I like giving him reasons to be proud of where he came from. 

Prior to us leaving, Cava was bouncing off the walls with excitement about seeing the circus for the first time.

After Danelle got off work, we caught the light rail into down town.

Not only was he thrilled about riding on a "train," as he called it, he also had to tell other passengers that he was going to the circus. 

Once we were at Time Warner Cable Arena, we made our way to the pre-show where different acts were performing, there was a giant inflatable, different fun stations for kids, and giveaways. 

Cava enjoyed putting on a ring master's coat.

Getting his photo taken with a clown.

Watched an acrobat perform with a long, yellow ribbon.

Then he joined in on the act with some dancers that he thought were cute. He really got into it when they started dancing to "Gangnam Style." For some reason, he loves that song, although he does change the lyrics to, "Whoop 'em, Cava style!"

Then it was time to take our seats and Cava wanted whatever a vendor was selling that passed by; no matter what it was or how over-priced it was. Before we had left, we had told each of the boys that we'd give them ten dollars to spend however they wanted or, if they didn't spend it at the circus, they could keep it. Benjamin decided right off the bat that he was going to save his to go towards his science project. Cava wanted to keep his to buy a puzzle. His resistance lasted until after the intermission when he got very hungry and spent most of his on snacks.

When the arena lights went down, the stage lights came on, the music started, and here came the circus. "This is some awesome!" Cava declared. His eyes were glued to whatever act was performing and often his mouth was agape and his eyes large with amazement, delight, surprise, and excitement. He clapped and shouted and pointed. "That's so amazing!" or exclaim, "How do they do that?" One thing I love about Cava is his unbridled enthusiasm.

When the tiger trainer was in the cage with all of the lions, it was Cava who leaned over and said, "He's speaking Russian!" And he was.

Cava loved the tigers.

Though, he preferred the poodles. "They're soooo cute!" Alex (the male in the photo below) studied at a professional circus school in Ukraine.

And the elephants. (The first photo reminds me of the circus in Dumbo).

Many of the acrobats from the Negrey Troupe were also from Ukraine and they were incredible. Cava, who loves gymnastics, said, "Maybe I'll do that one day!"

One of the acts that was all of our favorites, but none of us dared say we would ever think of trying was the spinning steel vortex that the acrobats walked in and on, and jumped rope on, and moved in and on them as if gravity didn't exist. 

After the circus had ended and we had taken the light rail back to our car, we asked Cava what his favorite act was. He thought for a minute before answering, "Clowns, dogs, tigers, elephants . . . all of it!" Then in the car ride home, Cava told us, "Thank you so much, Mama and Papa. That was super great!" And, in his usual fashion, asked, "When can we go again?"

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