Saturday, January 4, 2014

Meeting His Cousins

Not long after Cava got here, he got to meet his Aunt Tiana when she came up for a visit. Now he got to meet his cousins Nick, Pate, Sabrah, and Pierce.

As usual for Cava with anything new, he was filled with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. The latter was a nervousness that comes over him because he's afraid that he is somehow going to mess things up. Once again, we worked to allay his fears and remind him of how well previous first time experiences (such as the holidays) went. So often his behavioral problems stem from anxiety that he can't do something right or perfectly and he becomes easily defeated and discourage, which then turns to anger, which, although it can be externalized outwardly, is really directed inwardly at himself. Some of his worries were that they wouldn't be able to understand him.

Yet, despite it being only in the twenties outside (warmer than other areas of the country right now), he and Benjamin were outside sitting in our driveway for their Aunt Tiana and her kids to arrive. This did not last for too long, not more than 10 minutes, because, despite being from Ukraine, Cava hates the cold. Then they both took watch from our kitchen window for their Aunt's van to pull up. When it did, they bolted out like a shot: sans shoes and coats.

And did Aunt Tiana and his cousins know our boy or what as they came bearing gifts: a stuffed Spider-man, a Spider-man winter cap, and a Venom shirt. Here he is tonight watching TV with his new buddy:

After they came inside for a few minutes, we went out to McDonald's for lunch. When asked who he wanted to sit next to in Aunt Tiana's van, Cava being Cava picked Sabrah. The boy loves cute girls. Once there and we had our food, the seating was as follows: Benjamin and Sabrah at a table, Nick and Pate at their own table, Pierce and Cava at a table, and the adults were at our own table (unless one of the kids heard their names mentioned and then they darted over with, "Are you talking about me?").

We returned home so the adults could talk, while the kids were constantly in and out (mostly in due to the cold). Outside, they either played soccer or played on the swing-sets.

Later, when they were all inside, some watched "The Woman in Black" on one TV while others watched "Despicable Me 2" on the other. They also played games like Go Fish, Head Bandz, and Chasin' Cheeky. Since our Christmas tree was down, there was quite a lot of running through the house and good-natured screaming with delight. Despite all the craziness, everybody had a great time.

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  1. I completely understand the anxiety about doing new things! Children with difficult pasts thrive with predictability.........Looks like they ended up having a good time :)