Monday, February 10, 2014


Every day for school, Cava has to read for 25 minutes. Today he went to the playroom and got the book he wanted to read off the shelf and brought it to me: Dream by Susan V. Bosak. It's a beautifully written and illustrated picture book that I had bought for Benjamin years ago. It is all about how a person's dreams change over their lifetime. 

As Cava turned to the first page, this was the illustration we saw:

Then he began to read:

When you're a baby,
you're cuddled and comforted
in your own cozy little world.
You smile and gurgle
and fuss and cry
and get fed and need changing
and sleep and dream.

As he read these words, my heart broke. 

It broke because he didn't get this. This was not the world he knew as a baby. No one came to comfort him or cuddle him. His world was not cozy. Cava rocked himself to sleep each night.

It broke my heart because we couldn't be there to comfort and love him. I didn't get to cuddle him until he was eight years old. That is too long to go without being held, cuddled, or loved. 

It broke my heart because I know that there are millions of other kids, like Cava, who did not grow up in the image of this illustration. That was not the world they knew. They are hurt and damaged kids who desperately need love and a family to give that to them. Their dreams are to have that.

Cava told me that he often dreamed that he would have a Mommy and a Papa back when he was in Ukraine, but that he never believed that dream would come true. His dream did come true, but there are millions whose dreams haven't. Consider making another child's dreams come true: ADOPT!

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