Sunday, March 2, 2014

United We Stand With Ukraine

With the media coverage of the events that's been happening in Ukraine, our family has been paying close attention to what is going on in our heart country and praying daily for their peace and for their freedom to be Ukrainian.

One of the things that caught our attention has been images of Ukrainians pulling up paving stones and using them to build barricades with. That gave us an idea. We took up one of the paving stones in our garden and let Cava paint it in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Cava was thrilled at my suggesting that we do this small project of support. His exact words were, "Awesome idea, Papa!" And we immediately set to work. Getting out some blue and some yellow paint, he began his task with great fervor.

When the paint had dried, Cava proudly held his Ukrainian flag paving for me to take a photo of.

Now, whenever we walk in our backyard and see this reminder, we stop for a moment and pray for this beautiful country and its people. 

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  1. Great idea! It's sweet to see him supporting Ukraine--I know the tug of two countries can sometimes be difficult.