Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Kohler's Journey

A blog I have been following for some time is the one written by Leah Kohler ( It has been inspiring to watch as this godly couple have heeded their heavenly Father's call to take care of the orphans by stepping out in faith to adopt a child from Ukraine. Recently, they got their invitation from the SDA and will soon be flying to Kyiv in the next couple of weeks. 

As anyone who's read this blog or has adopted or knows someone who's adopted, especially internationally, understands that there is a lot of expense involved.  

Here is what Leah has posted:

In order to raise the necessary funds for our adoption from Ukraine (the cost is approximately $40,000), we are starting a Puzzle Fundraiser.

If you would like to have a part in our adventure, PLEASE consider participating. The puzzle is 
1000 pieces. We would like a sponsor for each piece. If you decide to sponsor a piece, your name will be written on the back of the piece.
Once the puzzle is completed, it will hang in a double-sided frame, so we can take it down from time to time and remember those who helped bring our child home.

Cost of 1 Puzzle piece = $25

You may choose a single piece or if you want to donate a larger amount you may purchase as many pieces as you desire.

Thank you so, so much!

Grace and Peace,

Eugene and Leah Kohler

in order to donate please log in to and send your donation to

Please prayerfully consider helping this couple out financially. As our family knows, any little bit helps. 

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