Friday, June 6, 2014

Cava's First Award

For anyone who has read our blog knows, Cava has come a long way since last year. This time last year, Cava had been expelled from his previous school and now, a year later, he was getting his first award at school. This was huge for all of us, but especially for Cava. He has grown up thinking he was stupid, bad, and not worthy of anything. Now he found himself getting an award at school or, as he put it, a "reward."  Ever since he got the invitation for us letting us know he would be getting an award, Cava has been bouncing off the walls excited about getting his first one. "What do you think it will be?" he kept asking me.

Today, we found out. Our little Ukrainian got the Citizenship Award. This award is an all-around award for not only how he's doing scholastically, but that he is also friendly, encouraging, helpful, and strives to do his best. When they announced his name for this award, we were overwhelmed by the cheers and by hearing other people yell, "YES!" Cava's school has embraced, rooted for, and loved our son. How much difference that makes in his life has been proven by how different this year has been for him from last year.

One of the biggest reasons for Cava's success this year has been his teacher, Ms. Davis. She has been patient, loving, encouraging, and understanding. She has been motherly to Cava and she was exactly what he needed in a teacher. We cannot overemphasize how truly thankful and blessed we are that she was Cava's teacher. Nor can we tell you how much gratitude we have for his school.

Needless to say, our eyes were filled with tears of absolute joy.

Cava is an amazing kid who is only beginning to see this about himself. He told me that he never thought he was worth anything in Ukraine, but here in America, he knows that he is good and loved.

Although his teacher, his school, and us have played a key part in Cava's transformation, he is the biggest reason he is not the same kid. Cava loved his teacher and his school. He worked really, really hard: not only at his schoolwork but in becoming a better kid. As others loved him, he has begun to love himself. For the first time, he told us the other morning that he doesn't want to be a superhero that he is happy being Cava.

Cava is not the same kid he was a year ago. It has been bumpy but all of those bumps are worth it to see how much he has healed and how far he has come. This award meant so much more to us because we know exactly what it has taken a boy from a small village in Ukraine to getting a Citizenship Award and medal with its American flag on it.

Cava, we love you so much and are so proud of who you are and who you are becoming.

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  1. Cava looks so grown and handsome!! I was ecstatic to read that he doesn't need to be a superhero anymore because he is comfortable in his own skin. That is so amazing!!