Saturday, July 12, 2014

Our Day Trip To The Greensboro Science Center

If there's one thing we love it's science centers. One we have been wanting to visit was the Greensboro Science Center with it's aquarium, zoo, museum, and OminSphere theater. Along with our friends the Helms, we made the trek today and, boy, were we glad we did. That place was awesome!

Our first stop was to the Sciquarium as they call it where we went and saw the feeding of the penguins. It was interesting to find out that all of the penguins had on different colored bands but the ones whose bands matched were mated together. Penguins mate for life.

Cava made friends with one.

As did Benjamin and J.D.

Everyone enjoyed touching the stingrays and, even more, watching the sharks, fish, and stingrays in the large tank.

Every time this stingray swam past, I kept expecting him to start singing, "Let's name the zones," like the one in Finding Nemo did.

From there we went to the zoo, though Benjamin had to stop and take a photo with this dilophosaurus to go along with his t-shirt.

But Cava and I were most excited to see the meerkats. Cava kept saying, "Hello, Timon," in reference to the one in The Lion King.

We also enjoyed the lemures . . .

And I even got an alpaca to smile for the camera . . . 

Cava stared down what he called a "tricky goat."

Once we'd been to the petting zoo and we'd seen all the animals (not to mention got tired of the heat), we went back inside to explore the rest of the museum. Benjamin got to be a mad scientist with electricity.

Then it was a trip back in time to the Jurassic period, including seeing a T-Rex . . .

We're too cool to run!

And a Stegosaurus . . . 

There was a room full of rocks, minerals, and geodes. A room for herpatology. And, finally, one called Health Quest where we not only learned all about the human body, but also saw some formerly living ones.

From having gone to many different science museums, we have learned one thing: all roads lead to the gift shop, and this one was no different. The boys picked up lots of things they "needed" and Benjamin even posed for a photo as a T-Rex with his friend the otter.

I got the boys t-shirts that were on sale. Cava's is appropriate: it's a T-Rex running towards you with the words Here Comes Trouble!

We all had a blast and will most definitely have to come back again. As Cava said, "Good times!"

For anyone interested in visiting the Greensboro Science Center, here's a link to their site:

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