Monday, August 4, 2014

Our Beach Trip 2014

Summer is almost over and we finally took some time and headed to the beach. The boys were excited and Cava constantly asked how much longer it would be before we were at the beach (he started before we even hit the highway and continued at repeated intervals along the four hour drive). Cava was thrilled because this was not only going to be his second time going to the beach here, but it was also going to be his first time ever camping. The only concern for our beach trip was that it was supposed to rain the entire time we were there.

Once we'd gotten to Granddad Bob and Evette's house, it did not take the boys long to have their swimsuits on and we were out the door to go swimming in the neighborhood pool.  Both boys love to be in the water. Having completed four weeks of swim lessons, Cava was especially proud to show off what he'd learned, both swimming and diving.

The boys were having such a great time swimming that they were even obliging to me when I asked them to stop momentarily so I could take a photo of them.

But, of course, the pool could only hold them for so long and we were up early the next morning and out on the beach before the rain was. The ocean was rough and choppy. The wind was strong and the clouds were overcast, but none of that deterred the Blackwell boys with their boogie boards.

When the waves got too rough, they moved on to building sand castles.

From there, we checked in at Huntington Beach State Park. The boys loved relaxing in the big chairs.

The chairs looked even bigger with our little Ukrainian sitting in it.

Once at our campsite, however, the relaxing stopped and the work started as we set up the tents.

Once they were up, the boys couldn't wait to get inside theirs.

But they can be still for only so long and were out playing Frisbee.

Once they were showered and dressed, we got the campfire started and began to cook the hot dogs.

Followed by some S'Mores.

To work off the hot dogs and S'mores, we played some family-style football.

After a walk around the campgrounds, we settled in and enjoyed each others company.

It was nice enjoying each other's company without the disruption of television or other intrusions. I also loved how well the boys got along with each other, even when it was just the two of them in their tent. 

The next day, we had a change of pace. For lunch we went to Aladdin's, which is a restaurant owned and run by a woman from Uzbekistan, so the food is Middle Eastern and Slavic. Cava was in his element. Borscht at the beach = one happy little Ukrainian.

He also ate bread with hummus, pilaf, and pelmeni (along with trying Danelle's stuffed cabbage, Granddad Bob's quail, and my lamb kebabs). After lunch, we enjoyed some time walking along the boardwalk at Murrell's Inlet.

On our last day at the beach, we didn't get in any swimming because of the rain, so we did what any tourist would do, we went shopping. Cava found the perfect store for him at Broadway at the Beach called Kryptonite Character Store.

Like Tom Hanks in Big, Benjamin made a wish with Zoltar. I think he was disappointed when he woke up the next morning and was not a wealthy tech mogul.

And Granddad Bob treated the boys to a ride on a simulator. 

After lunch, we packed our car, said our sad good-byes (Cava was especially heart-broken to leave), we made our way home. We did, however, make our usual stop at McLeod Farms in McBee to buys some of their peaches and their homemade peach ice cream. And to make the boys suffer through one more photo opp.

Despite the rush and the rain, we all had a great time and can't wait to return for a longer visit next year!