Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Dog For Cava

For those who have followed our blog, it is no secret that Cava has wanted a dog of his own ever since he got here (to read more go to Perusing Pets Early on, he was not ready to have and take care of his own dog. Still, his desire to have a dog of his own never wavered or faltered. Cava, like so many adopted children, want equality so that if one child has a dog (just as Benjamin has our dog Chloe), then he should have the same thing.

As his tenth birthday approaches, Danelle and I decided that it was now time for Cava to have a dog of his own. But what would be the right kind of dog for, not only Cava, but our family and for Chloe. It is vitally important to us that this new dog gets along with everyone and fits in to our family dynamic. We also wanted this dog to be a rescue dog, since we are strong believers in giving existing dogs a home.

While researching different types of dogs, Cava somehow latched on to Chihuahuas. Don't know what the rhyme or reason why this particular breed of dog struck Cava's fancy and all he could answer when I asked him was, "They are soooo cute!"

After making the decision to get Cava a dog, we began making the rounds to all the shelters and Humane Society, as well as the local PetSmart and PetCo when they had dogs there for adoption. We knew this was a process, as it took us awhile to find Chloe (technically my sister Kristen found her) and we understood that one can't rush into getting a dog because we wanted this dog to be a part of our family and did not want to have to give a dog back because he or she didn't. Danelle and I made sure to explain this to Cava and we went over our reasons for not just jumping at buying a dog to him each time we went somewhere to look at dogs.

Today we went to the Carolina Poodle Rescue in Pacolet, SC. Originally, we registered with them and after they spoke to our references, our vet, and then I got interviewed for thirty minutes (to get a good idea of what we were looking for in a dog), we got invited to come down and scheduled our appointment. Then we traveled down to the farm. We were shown five dogs and got to spend time with them (around 2 hours), play with them, and watched how they interacted with Chloe. Most importantly, we looked to see which dog Cava would bond with and which dog would attach to him. In the end, it was a Schnauzer mix called "King."

On the way home, we bounced ideas for dog names around until we found one we thought fit and that Cava liked. We settled on Dashiell (after mystery writer Dashiell Hammett) and we are going to call him "Dash."

Once at home, Dash got a bath. Like Chloe, he wasn't that fond of it.

After a bath, Cava was delighted that Dash was playful and loved chasing him around the house. I loved hearing Cava giggle and see how happy he was with his new buddy. I cannot wait to see how these two scamps bond.

If you're interested in the Carolina Poodle Rescue, here is a link to their website:

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