Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cava's Story

For homework, Cava was asked to write a realistic story. Originally, he was writing about our trip to Disney World. Being a literalist, he began writing about our trip down to stopping to get gas and buy snacks. In fact, he had written the entire front of a wide-ruled sheet of paper and had not even gotten to Florida yet. I stopped him and explained to him what a story was and gave him suggestions. Cava being Cava, he decided to scrap the Disney story and write one about Ukraine. This surprised me since he's never written about his time there.

Here is what he wrote:

Cava woke up and got dressed in his nice clothes.  "Don't get your clothes messy," the care giver told him. "You want to look nice for the family coming to visit you today."  Cava was nervous and excited because no one had ever come to visit him before.

It felt like forever for the time to come when he would meet this family. When it was time, another boy came to get him. He took him to the office. Now Cava was very scared. What if he said or did something wrong? What if they didn't like him?

He opened the door and saw the family. They looked nice and happy. He wanted to be happy, too. They brought him toys. He had never had a toy before. It was a truck and Legos. They sat with him on the floor and played with him and his new toys. After awhile, Cava was asked if he wanted to be a part of their family. "Yes," Cava said. He wanted to be in a family most of all.

Now in his story, Cava had to change his name because the story wasn't supposed to be about him. It's difficult for our very literal-minded son to write an imagined story about an imagined child. Still, I am so happy that he did choose to write about this moment in his life. Once more, I see the healing process taking place. I also love this story for the insight it gives us about what he was thinking, feeling, and going through the day we met him. I cherish every glimpse I get into his past and this story will definitely be going in his life-book.


  1. What a special story, and he told it so well, too!

  2. I see him writing this story as a tremendous milestone in his healing! Bravo Cava!