Monday, February 16, 2015

Science Before The Snowstorm

Since all of our local weathermen are predicting snow and ice to hit our area late today, and because the boys were out of school for President's Day, we decided to take a trip to one of our favorite places - the Schiele Museum to see their new exhibit The Solar System.

No sooner had we entered the exhibit when Cava learned why we do not touch the sun . . .

Walking around to each of the planets, Cava loved all of the interactive monitors that had short videos. He loved reading about planets named after gods because it was "just like in Percy Jackson," which is one of his favorite book series.

This was one of his favorite facts:

Cleverly, he asked, "Shouldn't that have been on Pluto?"

I loved how Cava didn't rush through the exhibit, but stopped, interacted with the monitors, read facts and information about the different planets, about meteorites, and space travel.  

This is a far cry from when he used to make a mad dash from each area of the museum, barely registering any of the exhibits. He was fascinated about space. He loved the calming music they had playing and the twinkling stars overhead.

One of the facts that made the biggest impression on him was this one:

It showed how big the Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet was by putting the city of Charlotte in front of it for perspective. "Whoa!," Cava declared, "That is incredible!"

Once we had finished going through this special exhibit, I asked Cava where he wanted to go next. 

His reply? 

Back through The Solar System! Do we have a future astronaut on our hands?

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