Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cava The American

Because of all the inclement weather we've had in our area, Cava's school just had their President's Day program  last night. My favorite part of the whole show was when Cava sang about being American. I glanced over at Danelle, who had tears in her eyes.

Our little Ukrainian-American singing this song not only had an impact on us, but also on others. After the program was over, staff from the school came over to tell us just how much it moved them to see Cava singing about how happy he is to be an American, which is something he really and truly means. Hearing him reminded us what being an American can really mean and how much it can mean to someone. It's also what this country is all about.

America to him is more than just a country, it's a place where he is now loved and accepted. Not only has our family embraced him as one of our own, but so many others around us have fallen in love with this little boy and the amazing journey he has taken, the bravery he has shown, and the progress he has made in just two short years. America to him means a home - as well as being the home to Walt Disney World (easily one of his favorite places on Earth).

Ever since he fist got here, he has proudly proclaimed, "I'm an American."

I can't help but love Cava.

I love that he makes me aware of how grateful I should be for what we have in our lives, especially him.

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