Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cava's Owl Adventure

After dinner tonight, the boys went outside to play. It wasn't long before Cava came running in to tell me that there was an owl on the ground. I dashed out and discovered that, sure enough, there was an owlet hopping around in one of our flower beds. Seeing that this poor baby owl couldn't fly, we called the Carolina Raptor Center.

As we waited for them to arrive, we watched over Soren, the name Cava gave to this owlet after the main character in Guardians of Ga'Hoole the book series he is currently reading. We weren't the only ones, as we noticed that Archie was always somewhere above us, keeping a close eye on his owlet.

When the man from the Carolina Raptor Center arrived, he gently gathered the owlet up in a blanket so that he could check and make sure that the baby owl had not gotten hurt from the fall.

And Cava was right there, closely watching what he did.

The volunteer confirmed what Cava and I had looked up - that Archie and this owlet were a Barred Owl. Cava then began to tell him facts he had learned from reading about them.

Then he and Benjamin were thrilled when they got to touch Soren, who they said was "very soft."

After they had touched the owlet, the volunteer returned him to safety in a tree.  We promised to keep a watch on Soren to make sure that he doesn't fall again. This won't be a problem since Cava loves watching for owls even more now.  

We are definitely going to have to take a trip to the Carolina Raptor Center.

To learn more about the Carolina Raptor Center, use the following link:

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