Friday, May 8, 2015

Cava's Third Grade Field Day

After Cava had a bumpy week at school, I was happy and relieved that today he could let off some steam at his third grade field day.  It's funny, after Benjamin finished elementary school I believed my field day days were over, but I was thrilled that I get to enjoy them again with Cava now. And he had a big smile for me when he saw me arriving.

First up, the potato sack races.

The boy hopped so hard he hopped out of the bottom of his potato sack.

Next up was the egg on a spoon race.

You can see from his expression that he was taking it very seriously.

After a couple more races, Cava was ready for the inflatables. Despite his expression, he loved it!

See . . .

He also loved it when his teacher and his principal raced each other down the slide.

But he was ready to race her himself . . .

Once again, he became very serious as a waiter who had to race without dropping his cup off his tray.

There were more inflatables . . .

 . . . and more races.

After field day was over, I signed Cava out and we had lunch as just the two of us. I enjoyed talking with him, listening to him, and, most of all, seeing that big Cava smile again.

I'll gladly take the joy of this day that ended our bad week and pray that he has a better one next week. 

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