Sunday, June 7, 2015

Our Yard Sale Saturday

Can I just say that I hate having yard sales with a purple passion?  I do. It never fails to amaze me that no matter how cheap you mark an item, someone always wants it cheaper.  And it doesn't matter if you are trying to raise money for a good cause or not. So, despite the fact that we are raising money to bring an orphan here from another country, someone will still try to haggle on price.

That said, our family was extremely blessed by the generosity of those who donated items for our yard sale. Friends, people from our church, and from my wife's office all were kind enough to give, so much so that our living room made us look like we should be on the show Hoarders.

We were given everything from a flat-screen TV to a tiller, a lawn mower to kitchen appliances, along with lots of clothes, books, DVDs, CDs, clothes (adult and kids), furniture, framed art, gardening tools, and a host of knick-knacks and collectibles. As we spent our nights sorting and pricing through everything, I didn't focus on the immense task but on the immense blessing of having people care so much to donate so many things. We were also had the help of our dear friends Jack and Yulia, who gave up so much of their time, tables to display items on, as well as donating items for the yard sale, including home-made brownies to sell. Their company made this daunting task easier and far more enjoyable.

Long before we had our yard sale, we were praying for our yard sale. Praying for good weather (despite weeks and weeks of not having any rain, the week leading up to our yard sale got rain) and praying that people would be generous of heart and wallet, as all of the money was going towards our hosting of "T." Most don't realize that in hosting, you are not only paying for them to come over, but that they come with little or next to nothing. Some only come with the clothes on their back. We would be buying her clothes and shoes, along with other necessities. We would also be taking "T" to the dentist, the doctor, and the optometrist while she was here. All of them kindly donated their services. Our family also prayed that we would be good witnesses to those who came to our yard sale. That this would be an opportunity to not only share about the needs of orphans, about hosting, but also share the gospel. I have found that whenever I have shared about our having adopted and are now hosting it has led into the reason why we do this and about the love of Christ.

Since the yard sale started at 7 am, we were out and setting up at 5:30 am. Did I say that I am in no way, shape or form a morning person?  And, of course, there were already people there wanting to look through everything before we were ready. Any serious yard sale shopper knows that the time listed as the start time is only a suggestion, right?

Yard sales stress me out - big time! Being an introvert, I have to force myself to to interact with potential shoppers and to keep it together when they irritate me with their haggling. I restrain myself from questioning their attempts to convince me that a $5 item should be sold for a quarter. It's hard to not constantly remind them of why I am even having this yard sale in the first place. I can't just ask them to leave and stop bothering me or, when they offer me a quarter for something, offer them a quarter to go away.  Yard sales test my patience and I have to pray myself through the five hours it takes to have one.  As Romans 12:12 tells me, " . . . be patient in tribulation . . ."  (I insert yard sale in the place of tribulation, I'm sure the Apostle Paul would understand if he had ever had to work one).

While there were a few who wanted to haggle, many more not only paid what the items were priced, but even more to go towards hosting "T."  Quite a few made donations without even buying anything. Once more we were shown that this is clearly God's will for our family.

We would like to thank all of those who donated items, to those who donated their time, and to those who came out to support.

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