Wednesday, June 3, 2015

You Can't Save Everyone

By and large, the response to our hosting "T" this summer has been extremely positive. Yet there are those who take such opportunities to make comments that are basically shallow and ignorant.

Recently I was telling someone about our hosting, how we came to meet "T," and the whole amazing story that God has clearly orchestrated and, to my surprise, the person I was telling this to said, "You know, you can't save all of them."

It took me a moment before I replied, "I'm sorry. What?"

Matter-of-factly, they repeated, "You can't. You can't save everyone."

"Actually, I can't save anyone. What I can do is love a child enough to adopt them or, in this case, host them for the summer."

"Yeah, but you've already adopted one kid. If you go over there to adopt the next one, won't you just meet another child and want to adopt them, too? You can't adopt all of them."

Now what I am taking out of this is, "You've done your part. You've adopted a child. You can stop now," as if I filled some sort of quota in moral responsibility. This person was displeased, perhaps out of guilt, that we were undertaking this.

Yes, I believe God has called us to take care of the orphans. He clearly called us to adopt Cava and has, now, made it abundantly clear that we are supposed to be hosting "T," as all of the events that have occurred making it possible for us to do so have His hand prints on them. We are awed and amazed at how God has worked and will continue to work once she is here.

We cannot change the lives of all of the orphans in the world. But we have changed the life of one, our son, and now we are blessed to be given the opportunity to have an impact on another's. "T" is not a cause, she is a child. She is not a problem to be solved, but a child to be loved. From the moment that "T" comes down that escalator at the airport, we will greet her with smiles, hugs, and lots of love. "T" being here, with our family, is all a part of God's awesome plan. He has included us in it and is using us for something bigger and greater than ourselves. We are humbled by this. This is an act of faith, love, hope, and abundant joy.

Katie Davis once said, "I have learned that I will not change the world, Jesus will do that. I can, however, change the world for one person. And if one person sees the love of Christ in me, it is worth every minute. In fact, it is worth spending my life for."

How can I not?

Our family will be given the opportunity to show "T" the love of a family, the love of Christ, and of a heavenly Father who has loved all of us enough that He has brought all of this about.

There will always be those who will question and criticize, but I am not to be guided by them. I am to look only to a God who has answered two years of prayers by bringing this precious girl into our lives again. For that I am thankful.

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