Monday, September 28, 2015

Coffee Break

I love coffee.

That is not a statement. That is a fact.  Much as I would state, "I need air to breathe."  

Now I am in no way, shape or form a morning person. It is best not to try and strike up a conversation with me in the morning unless you want monosyllabic grunts. It's not until I have had my coffee that I can begin to form the words that form sentences. Or even begin to have the thoughts that form the words that form sentences. No coffee, no thoughts. Maybe that's why Sir James Mackintosh said, "The powers of a man's mind are directly proportioned to the quantity of coffee he drinks."  

"So pour on!" I declare so that those profound thoughts can spring forth. 

And not a small cup of coffee, either! But a mug of coffee!

I have a favorite coffee mug. My Mickey coffee mug. I love not only its design and color, but the size of this mug, which is the perfect size for a coffee mug. I don't want a dainty coffee cup. No, I want - dare I say - need a coffee cup this size.  

Is there nothing better in the morning than the smell of freshly brewed coffee?

And dosn't a doughnut taste better with coffee?

Or a pastry?

Or pie?

Or any dessert for that matter? Ahhh, I'm in my happy place . . . .

And drinking coffee makes me a better parent.  To prove my point:

Parenting after drinking coffee:

Parenting without coffee:

I love coffee in a Gilmore Girls love of coffee. My favorite show encapsulates two of my favorite things: books and coffee. (For those who haven't watched this show - WHAT???? Go now. Get a cup of coffee and go binge-watch it on Netflix!)

My mornings are comprised of coffee, prayer, and reading my Bible before getting the kids to school and myself to work. All three (coffee, prayer, and scripture) are vital. When the Bible talks about "joy comes in the morning," I can't help but think that part of that joy is in the form of coffee. 

On rainy days, particularly cold and rainy days, I love nothing more than a cup of coffee, a good book, and a warm blanket to enjoy both under.  

Even C. S. Lewis understood this. He said, "You can never get a cup of coffee large enough or a book good enough to suit me." To this I holler, "Comrade!"  (I might also add "long enough naps" to that list. Just saying). He was not alone in this thought, as the novelist Anthony Trollope asked, "What on Earth could be more luxurious than a sofa, a book, and a cup of coffee?"

Can't answer that question with anything other than, "Nothing, Anthony, nothing."  


Because it's true!  

And he should know. Anthony Trollope was one of the most prolific and prodigious of authors and he invented the mailbox. He would wake up at 5:30 every morning, drink coffee, and begin writing. Trollope would go on to write 47 novels, sometimes as many as three in a single year. If you've never read him, grab a cup of coffee and one of his works, find a comfortable sofa to understand his question even more fully. 

What better and more welcoming invitation is there than a friend suggesting, "Let's meet over coffee"? Unless, of course, it's, "Let's meet over coffee and books"? Along with books, friendships go better with coffee. I mean, who hasn't enjoyed a deep, meaningful conversation with a close friend over coffee? Aren't they more pleasurable over coffee?  Of course, what isn't?   

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