Friday, October 2, 2015


It has been awhile since I have promoted another blog, so today I want to focus on one done by the Nasledie Heritage Foundation.

Originally started by Slavik and Alyona Puzanov in 2006 as a way to help low income families and orphans, their goal was to "help families to stay together with their children despite difficult circumstances and conditions" and to "remind them that God loves them even when it seems they are not wanted."  Over the years, they found themselves working with orphanages and special needs orphanages in the Odessa region, as well as helping to take care of the elderly. In the summer of 2014, they also began to work with refugees fleeing from the war torn areas of Eastern Ukraine.

They and their volunteers call on each of the orphanages in the Odessa region each month to spend time with the children. This includes interacting with them through activities such as crafts, games, sharing the Bible, praying with them, and teaching them life skills.

From November 9th through the 14th, their organization has a Prayer Day Marathon. During this time, they go to all of the orphanages to pray for orphans and with them. They ask churches around the world to join them in prayer on International Day of Prayer for Orphans on November 8th (Orphan Sunday).

Here is a video they made to explain this day of prayer:

To learn more about this organization that truly has a heart for the fatherless, you can go to their website at:

Here is a video that tells more about them and their amazing work:

Everyone is not called to adopt, but we are all called to take care of the orphans. Here is a way that you can. To donate in helping them show the love of God to orphans in 16 different orphanages in and around Odessa, go here:

You can also pray for them and their ministry. Here is a list of what they would have you pray for:

1.We have active teams in 18 different orphanages. Please pray that the teams will be able to build relationships with the kids.
2. Pray for peace in our country.
3. Pray for the financial crisis and that affects the orphans and elderly.
4. Pray for us as we lead this movement and organization. Our desire is to encourage and mobilize the believers in our region to care for the orphans.
5. Pray for the new government that is forming and that it would be established on honest principles.
6. Pray for revival in our country.
7. Pray for believers and that their hope in God would be deepened and that they would share this hope with nonbelievers.

This is an organization that truly lives out Isaiah 1:17, "Learn to do good, seek justice, reprove the ruthless, defend the orphan, and plead for the widow."

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