Sunday, November 1, 2015

Does Our Heart Reflect His?

How much does God's heart grieve that another year has passed and another National Adoption Month has arrived?  How much does it hurt the Father to the Fatherless that His Church is not embracing the orphan as a son or a daughter?  Does His heart break that His people don't have His heart for the orphan?

How have we, as believers, not taken His call for us to take care of the orphans seriously?

We want the gifts of grace, love and mercy for ourselves without taking on the responsibilities that our faith requires.

There should not have to be a National Adoption Month.  Christians should step up and say, "Because I was once an orphan, adopted by God through His Son Jesus, I will be moved by His love to care for the least of these, for the orphan, because not only has Jesus demanded that I do it, but because, in so doing, I will truly come in contact with Him."

To look into the face of the orphan is to look into the face of Christ.

To embrace an orphan is to embrace the kingdom of God.

To distance ourselves from the least of these is to distance ourselves from the very Savior we claim to follow. If He so closely identified Himself with them then why don't we?  

What will we say when we stand before God and He asks, "What have you done for the least of these?"  

We can either settle for our own comfort or be moved by holy compassion to do as we were called to do and love these children as our own.

Let's step up and make it so that there is no reason to have a National Adoption Month.

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