Monday, January 25, 2016

Drones, Technology & Benjamin

One of the things I most admire about Benjamin is that he dreams big and he pursues his passions with his whole heart. Technology is something that has always interested him and, though I don't always understand what he's talking about, I have done my best to encourage him in his endeavors. Just like writing is for me, coding and programming are part of how he communicates.

At school he's in TSA (Technology Student Association) and their drone club. This sparked his interest in drones. For Christmas he got his very own drone. Now he loves flying it and taking aerial photos:

Benjamin has the mind of an inventor, entrepreneur, and altruist. With the help of one of his teachers, he worked to fund getting his high school a 3-D printer. Now he is focused on creating a drone club in his area. His hope is to raise the money to supply drones for kids in our area that can't afford to buy them.

If you would be interested in reading more about it and possibly donating, please feel free to go to his Indiegogo site:

Here is the link the blog he just created that will be used once the drone club gets up and going:

He also has his own technology blog at:

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