Sunday, March 27, 2016


"He is alive!"

"He is alive, indeed!"

This is the Truth of Easter Sunday.

It was love that brought the Incarnation. Utterly incomprehensible Incarnation. Both God and man. The Divine and the human in one form. Came as an infant. Helpless and reliant on his birth mother. Mary suckling God at her breast. What must that be like to know that the baby at your breast has been since before time, that this is the Messiah of the world, and knowing what his future holds?

Love that led Christ to spend his entire ministry teaching that Love is the higher law.

Love that allowed him to spend three years teaching intimately twelve men, knowing that one would betray him and one would deny him, and that all but one would flee from him during his hours of need.  Love that had him wash all of their feet so that they might understand that Love is service not being served. Love was breaking of bread and drinking of wine so that they would always remember his great act of Love in two common, everyday items.

It was Love that had him praying in the garden, "If it be Your will" and accepting that will, despite the anguish and pain it would cause both body and soul. Then to accept the betrayer's kiss, call of Peter's violence, "Those who live by the sword, shall die by the sword" (Love over violence), and then heal the ear of the guard.

Love allowed him to stoically stand in silence through a sham trial, to take the lashes and the cruel jeers, to submit to a mock crown whose thorns embedded themselves deep in his scalp, and to carry the cross of our shame to a hill where Love, not nails, kept him hanging there and legions of angels at bay, unable to act.

Love took him to death and to hell to show those in Sheol that even they were not beyond his Grace. In the depths, was Judas one who heard and, now, believed that Love was greater than his betrayal?

Love was what rolled away the stone and left the tomb empty.

Love is what overcame death and the grave and our feeble disbelief and doubts, like Thomas, we, too said, "If I could but see and touch . . ."

In that Resurrection, we found that Truth exists.
In that Resurrection, we found that Justice reigns down.
In that Resurrection, we found out that Faith, Hope and Love are more than mere ideas but reality.

That is the Truth of Easter: that Love has won and will continue to do so even beyond the edges of time. It is a Love that unfathomable, inexhaustible, incorruptible, immense, and without end.

"He is alive!"

"He is alive, indeed!"

Forever and ever, Amen.

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