Monday, June 6, 2016

Fourth Grade Field Day

The end of the school year is like Christmas and one's birthday all wrapped into one for most kids, but Cava is not most kids. Our end of the school year is bumpy and full of emotions of loss, hurt and fear especially when he loves his teacher as much as he loves his fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Tuttle. It has been a rough last few weeks and it was nice to get to see Cava just having fun at field day today.

I love seeing Cava try his best and to see him smile and laugh. It's obvious that he has my mad hula hooping skills. 

I must admit, I am tired and ready for school to be over. It's stressful when you don't know what kind of a day you're kid is going to have. It's hard to watch him acting out because inside he is so scared of change and how he views moving up from fourth grade as another loss in his life. 

We have been blessed to have Mrs. Tuttle as his teacher this year. As Cava wrote to her in a card he gave her, she has been "patient, kind and loving" to him and it is because of her that he was able to make the "A" honor roll for the first time and has had the success in school that he's had this year. 

As hot as this afternoon was, especially since I was still dressed for work, it was all worth it to have Cava hug me and say, "Papa, thanks for coming to see my field day." There is so much that I missed in this boy's life that I would not have missed this for the world.

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