Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Prayer For Today

Draw me to your heart, O Lord.

Move me towards that which moves you. May my life be one of prayer and praise; a song to you in suffering and in joy. May the words and melodies of my days be according to your movements.

Lead me from confusion to contemplation; from doubt to acceptance; from insecurity to assurance. May I move past thought to action; from love to love to love.

May I be vulnerable to your word and your will. Cut deep within me and break me open. Let my days be sacramental, sacrificial and soaring like your Spirit in the heavens. May I be abandoned before you and to you. May I love you, three-personed God with all of my being: body, mind and spirit.

Help me to serve you and to serve others.

Help me to be slow to speak and long to listen. Let me not snap to judgment but be quick to actions rooted in love. Fill me with an uncontainable love that spills over and pours out of me onto those around me.

May my wants and complaints be replaced by gratitude and awe.

May I see all of creation as consecrated and not as commonplace. Help me to continually look at others and see them as you see them: as dear, as beloved. In this broken, hurting and chaotic world let me step up and, through your Spirit, be one who strives towards Tikkun olam (repairing the world or construction of eternity).  Help me to pray and work that it would be "on earth as it is in heaven."

Throughout my day, may I walk in humility, gentleness, meekness, and godly wisdom. Let my actions and attitude speak of your grace and compassion. May others see you in me and through me, in my words and my actions. If someone needs to hear a kind word, may I utter them from my lips.

Remove all pride. May I not be filled with jealousy or selfish ambition. In all that I do and say and am be steadfast in you, resting only in you.  I pray that my doubt is replaced with direction, my questions with trust even when I don't and cannot understand. As you have shown mercy to me, let me do likewise to others.  Let all that I say and do honor you today. May I surrender wholly and completely to your will.

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